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Who is Kitty Zombie?

Here, Kitty Kitty!


The story of Kitty is a long one, so I will give you an abridged version. Kitty is kind of like the Herman Munster of Zombies. But the only thing that was ever replaced was his brain. For whatever reason, his creators thought it would be a grand idea to take out pieces of his noggin and replace them with pieces of a dogs brain. Well, dog is a little too much of a compliment. Anyways, they thought it would be easier to train an Army of Zombie Shock Troopers if they mixed in the brain of a puppy to the mind of a killing machine. Boy were they wrong! Needless to say, the project is currently on hold until they..err…iron out the kinks.
Kitty Corpse

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Kitty's Katz

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